Predator BK RUSH Sport Wrap Break Cue

Predator BK RUSH Sport Wrap Break Cue

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Jan 8, 2020 by Julio Rueda
"Best break cue I’ve used , scatters balls with very low force ... got is very quick less than a week thanks heath "
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Sep 6, 2022 by Robert Piungree
"Hi Heath,

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service. I really liked the way you called me direct and did not stop calling me, even though I hung up on you 2 times in a row thinking you were spam.

Then you told me that you apologized and wanted to let me know that you oversold, but would have a shipment next Thursday and would get it out to me as soon as you could. Now I get an email at 8:40 AM my time saying the order was complete and has been shipped.

I can't ask for better customer service. Now granted I have not received the order yet so I can't say what condition it is in, but I am sure it was fine...

Anyway, I was just blown away by your service and thought you should know. I just wish more companies had your sense of value and responsibility.

Bob Pingree."
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Feb 4, 2020 by ChrisW
"I ordered this cue at 21oz and quickly found out its really not about the weight. I locked mine in at 19.02oz and haven't looked back. About 200 breaks on it and it just keeps getting better. If you can justify the cost, this is probably the baddest break cue out right now. Ran the app against a couple other cues and the BK Rush outperformed every time. IMO, worth every penny if you play. "

Advantages: Everybody wants to touch it.

Disadvantages: Everybody wants to touch it.
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Oct 15, 2020 by Anthony Cheng
"My personal opinion about the BK Rush is that, it one-upped my expectations.

From the start, I have an idea what I'd be getting my hands at for that cry-me-a-river cost.
I primarily seek the hybrid tip, which is not sold separately up to this point in time.
It's not so much about the carbon fiber despite being a significant contributor to the cost.

When I got the BK Rush, I expected it to allow me to break with more control. (It surely does.)
For instance compared to my $80 break cue, this allows me to break easier for the 8-ball game 2nd-ball break method.
If you are not familiar, this method requires a break with english.
And therefore, it is not as easy nor accurate when performed using a phenolic break cue.

What goes beyond my expectation was that, because it allows English to be imparted on the cue ball,
I was able to break and run* both 8-ball and 9-ball games with it. (Only once each game; I'm not an avid player; But I played with this cue enough to be able to comment)
After all, how many break cues allow you to draw the cue ball at table-length?

*But then also, just because it can doesn't mean that it's sufficient.
Compared to the regular playing cues, maybe other than house cues, the break cue still fare below them as far as performance for purpose of playing.

Why it matters to me is that, I have been looking for a second cue to add to the arsenal in the case that my primary cue is unavailable for some reason (i.e. the tip fell off).
After the starry eyes subsided in experiencing this cue, I'm now seriously considering whether or not I'd keep this break cue as a secondary playing cue as well.
I'd still give handicap in this case; but in an "emergency" situation,
it is actually not even close to desperado when continuing the game with this cue.

I went off a tangent there. We are supposed to be talking about a break cue... used for breaking right?
Well, as mentioned early on, I have an initial idea of what I'm expecting out of this cue. But it one-upped my expectations.
There is only so much to breaking, isn't there? But there are a lot more to this cue than just a controlled break.

This would be my honest impression about this cue.

Advantages: - Bestest (in my opinion) tip to ever be made

- Durability of Carbon Fiber Shaft

- Comfortable grip

- Ability to fine-tune weight to within 0.1oz

Disadvantages: - Cost

- As break cue: none compared to others

- As playing cue: while English is possible, the tip can go as far right/left compared to using regular playing cue.
I'm aware that this is unfair as an advantage. But this means, there is a limit to the type of shots this cue can do when used as a backup playing cue.
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