Diamond Professional Pool Table

Diamond Professional Pool Table

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Jun 22, 2020 by Kristie Dick
"This table is fantastic. It was worth the wait. Installation was perfect. No complaints. I would definitely order from Heath Manning again. The whole process went very smoothly. Manning was very helpful. My table is a 9ft black Professional finished made of oak with tournament blue cloth. It is definitely my dream table. The pro-cut pockets are great and the rails are super responsive and accurate. Such a step up from my 8ft Olhausen table. Highly recommended!"

Advantages: Simonis 860 cloth. Pro cut pockets. Rails. Worth the money to have it a lifetime.

Disadvantages: Can't think of one.
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Jun 24, 2020 by Shawn McFarland
"As advertised, Mr. Manning personally answers the phone when you call. He kept me completely informed throughout this whole COVID fiasco and made some late changes to my order at my request. I would not hesitate to do business with him again and wish more companies were run like this. As for the table itself, it's a piece of art/furniture that is perfect in every way. Thank you."

Advantages: It's a 9' Diamond Professional in golden oak, enough said.

Disadvantages: None
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Feb 13, 2021 by Matthew Voss
"I have a diamond professional and I am very happy with my purchase. I have played extensively on Diamond tables in local leagues and was well aware of the quality of the table and how well they played. I do not have a local dealer and called and talked to several online dealers and settled on Manning Cues. Heath took the time to answer my questions well, outlined the process, and was by far the most professional person I talked to. My table shipped 6 weeks early and looks great. I live in a retirement community and the table is the centerpiece in my small house. The installation was professional and efficient and the installers gave great suggestions for the care and maintenance of the table. I could not be happier with my Diamond table and Manning Cues.

The installation was great. Mannings team of Diamond Certified factory-trained installers showed up on time and were efficient and professional with their installation. After they finished they made sure every little piece of plastic and cardboard was picked up and other than the pool table the room looked just like it did before they got there. They also were very helpful with suggestions for care and maintenance of the table."

Advantages: Having a tournament quality billiard table is a great advantage. Knowing my practice table is going to be very similar to the table I will play tournaments on is great. Also it is great having a table with upkeep and maintenance will last longer than I will and still play like the day it was installed. I am so looking forward to the end of Covid and being able to bring friend in for team tournaments and practice sessions.

Disadvantages: I had to think hard because I cannot think of a disadvantage to owning a Diamond pool table and buying it from Manning Cues. My only "nice to have" would be a local dealer. I have no doubt that Heath would answer any questions I have and get back to me quickly via the phone and email, but I miss walking into a showroom or a workshop and having a face to face discussion with people.
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Aug 11, 2020 by Allan Hasse
"When I was shopping for a table, I was debating between trying to find a used table or going with a new Diamond table. My biggest reservation with going with the new table was the long wait. Heath Manning assured me the table would be worth the wait and I must say he was right. I ordered a 9' Diamond Professional in the Black Oak finish with Tournament Blue cloth and it did not disappoint. The table looks amazing in my shop and it plays great. The guys who did the installation (Rick and Lewis?) arrived on time and did a great job with the installation. The only thing I'm regretting so far is not also purchasing a Diamond light to go with the table. While the lighting in my shop is plenty bright when turned up most of the way, it would be nice to have bright lighting concentrated over the table so I could keep the lighting in the barn dimmed when desired. I may have to get with Heath and see what he can do on a light after the fact."

Advantages: Plays great.
Looks amazing.
Good communication from Heath Manning all along the way.

Disadvantages: None
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Aug 17, 2020 by Johnson Au-Yeung
"There seem to be many ways to order a diamond table. I found Heath by googling and reading forums - everyone says Heath was outstanding in customer service. Me? I was mostly interested in service and getting the table with minimum headache. I talked to Heath over the phone. He gave me advice on which table and what options to get and took the order right over the phone - totally old school personal service.

I ordered in March right before Diamond was shut down by COVID, so I had to wait until August. I was sent communication advising me of delays and updated dates.

Table is perfect - tried hard to find something I don’t like, but it is perfect. The install was done by Rick and Louis. Totally professional and Louis is a pro player. This was a science putting it together and leveling it. You cannot tell the difference between 3 piece and one piece slate. Rick made sure it was absolutely perfectly level.
I would highly recommend ordering through Manning cues."

Advantages: I put money into setting up old Brunswick home table with new 860 and new cushions.
Diamond rolls straight.
Perfectly quiet and consistent bumpers.
Details in the pockets have a felted piece that leave inside of pocket without felt edge.

Disadvantages: Gotta wait to get one.
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Oct 29, 2021 by FRANK A VITTORIO
"The Table meets all expectations and beyond. I could not be any happier with my purchase. Manning was right on from start to finish. Great Job !"
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Sep 16, 2020 by Mike Hodges
" Received my 9' professional table, in what I feel due to the covid shutdown, a reasonable time frame. Heath Manning really is on top of things & does very well thru the process of keeping his customer up to date on status changes. The table set up went very well & it's a world of improvement over my old Gandy. "

Advantages: Table aesthetics are top notch (I purchased the Dymalux Rosewood) Play is perfect & the best drop pockets as far as being quiet for the late night rounds.

Disadvantages: I have 2 gripes. The 1st, though I do love the sound dampening of these drop pockets I am seeing the famous black mark on my balls that I thought had been taken care of, though probably not as prevalent as before. The other issue is with the bridge holders. My pool room is dark & because these are dark & not a one piece holder like commonly found on a Gold Crown or my old Gandy, it's a little cumbersome to place the bridge back in place after use. This isn't any big deal of course but in hind sight I probably would have just made something up on my own.
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Nov 2, 2020 by Bert Kolodziej
"I ordered a Diamond Professional Pool Table over the phone and spoke with Heath directly. Heath went through all the options one by one and thoroughly explained each one in detail. Heath is very responsive and whenever I called him he answered immediately or within a couple of hours. Heath provides great customer service and I would not hesitate ordering anything else I may need from him. I highly recommend purchasing you next table or billiard supplies from Heath Manning"

Advantages: Heath is knowledgeable in all aspects of the products he sells and is the intermediary between me and the factory. Any issues that may arise will be quickly addressed and resolved

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage is that by ordering over the phone or online is that you cannot physically see or touch the product before you receive it, but that's simply the nature of the beast.
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Nov 2, 2020 by Jerry R Geils
"My new Diamond Professional from Manning is absolutely Great !! The process from start to finish was exactly as described and when dealing with Manning you have the confidence to make this inviestment. The table plays perfect and Manning was in contact with me communicating along the way. Plus, my pool buddies think it’s great too! "

Advantages: True roll with no drift.

Disadvantages: None
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Nov 12, 2020 by Dylan Seitz
"I'm demanding. I expect the best and I'm not easily satisfied -- especially on a high dollar item which must be absolutely perfect. The 9' Diamond Professional I purchased from Manning Cues meets and exceeds all of my expectations. First, it plays better than any table I've ever encountered. Second, it is absolutely beautiful. Every joint and seem perfectly aligned. Not a single scratch or nick anywhere on this massive beast. I find myself in agreement with every serious pool player I've encountered -- this is the best table in the world. If you have the room for it, the only question is whether you buy the table from Manning Cues. The answer is YES. The price and table packages are what drew me to Manning Cues, but the customer service is what has sold me on Manning Cues. Heath Manning is very knowledgable about the product and will personally work with you to answer all the questions and concerns you have about setting up a table. He is also very responsive during the entire process -- answering phone calls personally and getting back with me promptly whenever I left a message. And while Heath is friendly, what I appreciate most is the fact that he is efficient, direct and to the point. He addressed all of my concerns, needs and questions promptly through the process. I've been sold on Diamond Tables for years, but I'm a newly minted fan of Manning Cues. "

Advantages: I love having the best playing pool table in the world. Everything Diamond says about this table is true -- no point in repeating it all hear. You can read the reviews elsewhere. What surprised me was just how well this table banks. Everyone who has played on it notes the same thing. The rails on this table are a dream. You will be shocked at how much your game will improve with quality rails. I also like the fact that this table is an absolute tank. Lean on it, bump it, throw yourself across it -- it doesn't move.

Disadvantages: I waited a bit to write this review -- thinking that I'd find something to complain or nitpick about. I've put in about 20 hours of play and have examined every inch of the table. I can't find anything to complain about. The only disadvantage is that fellow pool players will be beating down your door to play on your table. You'll have to figure out a way to limit the access.
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Nov 15, 2020 by Ron Schekman
"I've been wanting to get a Diamond for years and decided to go for it over the summer. Decided to order through Heath Manning and Manning Cues. Heath did a great job and kept me informed throughout the process. Table is everything I expected. Definitely glad I didn't wait any longer. "

Advantages: Table plays great. Rolls true. So much better than the old house table I used to have.

Disadvantages: Plays slower than I expected with Simonis cloth. My old table had Champion cloth and it was fast, too fast really. I like the speed of the Diamond so not complaining.
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Jun 30, 2021 by Gwen Sharpton
"Heath Manning made this experience an absolute pleasure. He helped us with options and answered all our questions. There was no pressure at all to buy!! Heath wanted us to be happy with our purchase. He is as professional and responsive as it gets!! Yep, definitely recommend his service!!"

Advantages: Top of the line table. The Diamond team Manning sent to delivered the table and set up were awesome!! They were very professional and made sure we were happy with the install.

Disadvantages: The wait time is close to 5 months but worth it!!!
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Feb 15, 2021 by Kenny Reems
"Just got my new diamond professional 9 foot table. Heath Manning is now my hero. He was in complete control of the whole process from taking the order to updating me on the process and the timeline. Then scheduling a delivery date where everything went exactly as described. A pleasant experience overall. And of course the Diamond table is all that would be expected.

I was scheduled a delivery date three days prior to delivery. Then the day before I was given an estimated time of arrival. that morning the crew showed up at that time and put in a new Diamond table. just like that. I never would expect any delivery of anything to go that smooth and professionally. They did an expert and thorough job of putting together the table taking the time to get all the details just right. And most importantly taking the time to guarantee the leveling at every part of the playing surface. Nice job guys. I'm really impressed with Manning's professional installation crew. Thanks again for everything. "

Advantages: The greatest innovation offered by the diamond table is the easy ability to correct eventual level and flatness problems which can develop over time. especially when installed on a less than ideal floor. The 20 point leveling system makes for easy correction with the turn of a bolt to remedy any issues with roll-off which might show up over time.
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