Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table

Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table

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Aug 31, 2016 by Matthew Parker
"I just recently had my Diamond Pro Am delivered that I purchased from Heath Manning of Manning Cues. With Heath I had a great experience from when I first spoke to him about a price quote to when the table was finally delivered. Heath took the time to answer all of my questions throughout the process and gave me updates on the progress of the table while it was being built. If you want to purchase a Diamond Pro Am or anything else billiards related, Heath Manning is your guy!"
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Sep 30, 2016 by Nason Dumont
"I spoke to different people that was selling the Diamond Pro Am tables and decided to go with Manning's, due to the fact that he took the time to explain and answer all my questions and also gave some good advice. I felt very comfortable dealing with him compared to the other dealerships. Manning stayed in contact with me with updates on when the table was going to leave the factory, be delivered and set up. When the table was delivered there were some scuff marks and 1 scratch, I called Manning and told him about same, he replied hold on for a second I will get Diamond on a conference with us, after the conference call was made ,Manning seen to it that all 6 rails were changed and that I was happy with the final results, which I was. I would encourage anyone looking to buy a Diamond table to contact Manning's as their first choice. It was a pleasure doing business with Manning's, thanks for everything you made happen.
Best Regards
Nason Dumont"
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Sep 30, 2016 by Jamie McKeen
"I received my Diamond Pro Am 2 weeks ago and could not be happier, the table is beautiful and plays absolutely perfect. The service from start to finish from Manning Cues was excellent! "
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Nov 7, 2016 by sergei kvartler
"This is the best table on the market in my opinion to have at home. The ball return is very fast and barely makes any noise. I looked around for the best price and Heath had the lowest. One downside of the process was that 1 part came broken, however it was neither Heath's or Diamond's fault but the shipping company's instead. Took about 1 week to get that part replaced, which wasn't bad at all. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase and recommend not only this table, but the amazing service Heath offers everyday."
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Mar 13, 2017 by Mitchell K
"Heath was informative, helpful, and extremely efficient. I submitted a request through the site to be contacted, and he even called me past their listed business hours! I couldn't believe I got a response so quick! Then he took the time to answer all questions and thoroughly explain the process and pricing. Not only this, but I ended up getting my table in 1/3rd of the time that he said I would! Someone cancelled so he called me to bump me up on the list. Great guy. If you want the best quality table for your money, don't go to a second-rate or third party seller. Go to the Certified Diamond Dealer of North America -- Manning Cues. Thanks again Heath, my table is PERFECT. Smooth action, quiet (and fast) ball return.. just amazing! Super happy customer! The mechanics who installed the table were great people too. Very fast and helpful. "

Advantages: Best quality table
Best quality felt (Simonis)
Easy process
Great service

Disadvantages: NONE AT ALL. SERIOUSLY.
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Mar 4, 2020 by Robert Duncan
"For many years I've wanted to have my very own pool table. Today, not only do I have a pool table, I have an 8ft Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table! Throughout the process of getting this table to my home I had the absolute pleasure of working one-on-one with Heath Manning, the owner of Manning cues. From order to delivery Heath was there to answer any questions I might have had concerning my table while in production. Customer service seems to have become a lost art in today's business world. Not so at Manning Cues. As for the table, I'm finding the roll to be true and I have reliable consistency off the cushions. The table is beautifully crafted and the matching Diamond light only magnifies that quality. I've had my Pro-Am for about one month and I'm finding the overall function
of the table and light to be superb!!! I'm limited to 5 stars for this review but in reality, Heath Manning and the Diamond Pro-Am deserve many, many more."

Advantages: Communicating with Heath, whether on the phone or via email, created the sense of knowing a person beyond the realm of the normal buy/sell relationship. I emerge from the entire experience with the feeling that he genuinely cared that I was completely satisfied from beginning to end.

Disadvantages: None
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Apr 19, 2021 by Steve Copeland
"Lets start by saying that Heath Manning @ manning cues was spot on! He was extremely informative and on top of the whole process with very good communication. I had put my order in Dec.8th 2020 and he told me it would be mid to late April and I received it on 4-16-20. Dead on!!!! I would highly recommend Heath for your Diamond Pool table and accessory needs!!!! "

Advantages: One stop shop with Heath Manning, Very easy and straight forward. Very knowledgeable and answered all questions. Awesome!!!

Disadvantages: Diamond needs to be better organized after having to reschedule my delivery 2 times which is no fault of Heath's. Finish on 1 rail was missed in 2 spots on 1 rail...little disappointed for the amount of money you pay for a diamond pool table. Diamond took 5 months to get my table to me which is a little ridiculous and with taking that long there should not be anything missed especially the stain and finish. As far as Heath 5 stars as far as Diamond 3 stars. Great playability and construction but Diamond needs to be more thorough and better organized!!
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Aug 1, 2018 by Mike Ley
"This table was probably the single best purchase of my life! It plays better than any other table I have ever played on. Ordering through Heath was a great experience. He took his time to thoroughly answer all my questions along the way. Highly recommend ordering through Heath. Gary and Mike were the Diamond installers. They were awesome. Two great guys, that took their time, and did a fantastic job setting up my table. No doubt in my mind when my table needs new felt, I will be requesting Gary and Mike through Manning!"
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Oct 18, 2022 by Dennis Krolczyk
"Let me first say that I was not prompted to write a review about Heath Manning or Diamond pool tables . In fact , I’ve never written a review about anything in the past.
I ordered a Diamond pool table less than a year ago thru Keith Manning . I did it because of all the positive reviews I had read.
I got the table a few months ago. The table is exactly what I expected. As important was the service. Keith Manning was prompt , courteous , always available and a man of his word.
I’d never own another brand of table and I would always purchase thru Manning Pool tables.

Advantages: Both the table and the service were top notch.
I couldn’t ask for more.

Disadvantages: Absolutely NONE !!!!
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Oct 11, 2017 by Shawn
"Buying anything online is risky, Heath came through just as advertised.Table is beautiful...installers were helpful and friendly.Heath proved very trustworthy!!"

Advantages: Could not find Diamond table in my area..Heath enabled that dream to come true...helpful and trustworthy

Disadvantages: None.....
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Jan 6, 2021 by Michael F.
"Excellent table and exceptional customer service and communication throughout the process with Mr. Manning directly. It was a great transaction and I love my table. Thank you, Manning!"
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Jul 28, 2021 by Mike Kist
"I have been playing pool since I was about 10 years old. I have played on many types of tables in many different environments around the world. Over the years I became increasingly impressed with Diamond Pool Tables. Recently I purchased a brand new home and decided to finally purchase the table of my dreams to go along with it. I immediately decided to purchase a 9 foot Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table. The build quality, innovations, appearance and most importantly playability are simply the best in the world. There is a reason that this table has become the choice of so many professional pool players and tournament directors. The next decision was who to purchase it from. After performing extensive research and speaking with several of my contacts within the billiard community, I decided on Heath Manning of Manning Cues. It took one phone call to Heath to realize I had made the right decision. Heath took the time to answer all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. At this point Heath did not even know if I was going to become a Manning Cues customer. In addition, there was absolutely zero sales pressure to purchase the table. This was an extremely expensive purchase and I wanted to make the right decision. The entire process was seamless and was executed perfectly. Heath worked with me to place the order, he kept me informed regarding the progress of the build and ultimately provided me with the delivery and installation date. In addition, Heath worked with Diamond to actually hold my table for an additional time period as my home build was delayed. It is very clear that Heath is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service within the billiard industry. Heath even answers the phone himself! The final piece of the process was the delivery and installation. In line with my two previous decisions, this also was extremely important. You cannot consider this decision any less important than what table to purchase and who to purchase it from. Therefore, I decided to go with the Diamond Professional Delivery and Installation option. The Diamond Professional Delivery and Installation team arrived on time as scheduled at my home with my new Diamond Pro-Am pool table on Saturday, 24 July 2021. The Diamond Certified installer first outlined the entire delivery and install process to ensure that I was aware of what was going to take place. He then explained each and every step as it was completed and ensured that I was completely satisfied with the progress. This included the table placement to the final step of cleaning the table and the surrounding areas. Rick was extremely knowledgeable, professional and did a fantastic job. My Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table was installed perfectly with no issues. I would highly recommend purchasing the Diamond Professional Delivery and Installation option. THE BEST table made in the world with THE BEST installation. Go with Diamond, Heath Manning and Professional Installation all the way! There is nothing else to say!"

Advantages: TABLE:
Diamond 9 Foot Pro-Am
1. Build quality
2. Innovations
3. Appearance
4. Playability
Heath Manning / Manning Cues
1. No sales pressure
2. Extremly knowledgeable
3. Takes the time to talk
4. Ease of transaction/ordering
5. Status updates
6. On-time per schedule
7. Professional
8. Quality
9. Customer Satisfaction

Disadvantages: I cannot think of any Disadvantages. The table, the sale and the delivery/installation is Top Notch!
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Jun 25, 2018 by David Lopez
"I ordered my 8 ft table through manning cues, set up payment, table was delivered as promised - It was a painless transaction from start to finish and I love my Diamond table!"

Advantages: Easy payment, easy scheduling for installation, the table plays exactly like it should and it looks like I wanted because I was able to pick out the details

Disadvantages: Wait time, but hey it's a diamond table
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Jun 12, 2017 by Mike
"Table is great, just cant beat a Diamond. Great action off the rails, straight rolls, just cant find a disadvantage to this table."
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Dec 16, 2020 by Demauriae Hopson
"I purchased a Diamond Pro-Am 9 foot pool table w/ 1 piece slate after owning a mid-level production table. A comparison would not be fair to the Diamond. It is world class in every way; from ordering, delivery & set up to the fit and finish; you will own the best pool table made. I had several friends at my house for the delivery; one friend, who is a carpenter, was impressed with the materials used to construct the table. While I could write an essay discussing the playability, Diamond pool tables are the best. Just save up and get one. Buy once, hurt once.

I chose to purchase my table from Health (Manning) after receiving several recommendations from people in the Dallas area. I also read several Facebook post from people who dealt with many different retailers. Everyone who ordered from Health spoke about his professionalism and personal engagement during their entire process. I can say their representation of Health’s customer service and product knowledge was accurate. Health was a model of what exceptional customer service should be when ordering your dream Diamond Pool Table. BTW, he is just a nice person; you can really feel that he wants you to have the best experience possible.

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Sep 22, 2017 by Bill Olson
"This table is second to none. This purchase of Pro Am table and cover has been the most enjoyable of all time. Heath Manning is the reason. Thru out the 2 month process he has upon several occasions promptly answered all of my concerns and questions in a kind and professional manner. The table was delivered 3 weeks early YAHOO!"

Advantages: I am tickled with the solidness of the banks, how easy it is to maintain its levelness and its tastefulness in design. The Diamond Certified installers were knowledgeable, curtious and fast while providing a quality install. Id say in and out in less than 2 hours.

Disadvantages: A slight bit noisy ball return system. Have added some extra sound absorbing.
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Oct 24, 2019 by Louis Evans
"Awesome experience from beginning to end. Great personal attention from the owner,Heath and the installers Mike and John were the greatest. They are doing it right. "
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May 6, 2021 by Ken Donald
"I had one of the most memorable experiences in how business should be promoted and executed, from start to finish the communication and manual labor was flawless, and cannot recommend Manning Cues high enough. Installation was flawless and awesome to watch it being done also, and a pleasure to deal with these guys. Manning is the Real Deal and brings back old fashion genuine customer service. Thanks for the great experience Manning.

Thanks "

Advantages: Communication is key
Timing and attention to detail
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Dec 8, 2016 by James Pan
"Fantastic! The table is perfect! Mr. Manning answered all of my questions, was the best price, was available by phone when I called and was with me from the time I first called to the day my table was installed. You don't find old fashioned genuine customer service like this anymore!"

Advantages: Professional grade table that looks as great as is plays. Mr. Manning arranged the installation by Diamond certified installers for a no headache experience. The installers were excellent and explained what they were doing and adjusted the table to my liking.

Disadvantages: None - Worth every penny, no regrets and would recommend that anyone looking for a Diamond speak with Mr. Manning.
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Nov 17, 2021 by Rick Wykoff
"Total dream come true Manning. This is my 2nd Diamond Pro-Am table. The best tables on the planet and there's not a close second! Great experience with Manning and smooth installation. Amazing job leveling the table...Its as level as you can get!"
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Apr 26, 2018 by Jeremy Shavers
"This is the one and only place to buy a Diamond table. From the 1st initial call to the installation Heath is top notch. Everything came as promised, the table is incredible, install was quick, and it came 2 weeks early. If you want service, Heath is your guy. A+ all the year at around. 8’ Pro-Am, Cyclop balls, Bridge rack, Table cover, matching wood triangle rack. "

Advantages: The best table money can buy (my personal opinion) at the best price I could find. Delivered 2 weeks early.

Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages.
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Feb 26, 2020 by John Timmermans
"I just recently bought a 9' pro am from Heath Manning and I'm very happy with the table and experience. Heath was very honest and forthcoming with his answers to all my questions. I called him a few times before deciding to buy and he answered the calls each time. If you want a high quality table with first rate service you won't go wrong with going with Heath."

Advantages: High quality product
First rate service
Looks great in the room
Same table that I play on most of the tournaments I enter, so great practice

Disadvantages: None that I can think of.
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Oct 8, 2020 by Jim Jeske
"I love my new Diamond table. Best table out there in my opinion. Manning was very good to work with. Highly recommend Manning cues."

Advantages: It is so well built.
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Sep 10, 2018 by Anthony Harp
"My Diamond Pro-Am pool table is exactly as I expected. One of the best tables money can buy. Heath Manning took the time to answer all my questions and walked me through the entire process. The customer service was outstanding. I was thoroughly impressed with the table installation. I had some space constraints and they helped to minimize those by placing the table in the best spot possible. They took their time and did not damage anything while getting the table into my basement. I couldn't be happier with the final result. "

Advantages: Great table and great service.

Disadvantages: Slight delay in production caused the table to arrive a couple weeks later than expected. However, Heath Manning kept me informed throughout the entire process.
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Sep 1, 2020 by ChrisW
"Dealing with Heath on a purchase this large was extremely easy. If you have questions, call him, he is not going to try and sell you a table, he is going to get you exactly what you want. I can tell you from my experience, he did just that. I Got the color and finish I wanted. Got the rails I wanted, the felt I wanted, the pockets I wanted and a experience that will have me referring people to Heath for a lifetime. Heath even knew the preferred Diamond installer in my state and coordinated everything, kept me updated in the process and made sure when everything was said and done, I was happy. "

Advantages: Its a Diamond Blue Label, need I say more! Table plays extremely well. I had to hit 1000 games before I left this review. The custom options on the Diamond Tables mean you can really have a nice table in your house that looks great, matches and functions. I had my installer come out two weeks later to check the level and it was still spot on. Diamond is the only one with this type of leveling system and its bad ass. You really can not go wrong with a Diamond ordered from Manning Cues.

Disadvantages: Absolutely NONE
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