Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table

Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table

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Sep 9, 2021 by Clinton Ticer
"I received my Diamond Pro-Am about a week ago and it is amazing! The high quality you expect from Diamond right off the truck. The table played great the same day it was installed and it is a showpiece too!"

Advantages: Ordering from Heath is always great. One fantastic thing about ordering a Diamond from him is the ability to customize exactly what you want. I could pick which type of slate, type of felt, which balls came with the table, which light I wanted...even down to which rack! This let me choose exactly what I wanted!

I couldn't be happier with the delivery and installation of my Diamond table. The driver/installer coordinated in advance to schedule the time of delivery and it only got better from there. They took the time to install the table exactly where I wanted it so it is perfectly centered on the light exactly where I wanted it. Easily leveled the table and didn't leave until I was perfectly satisfied with the condition/setup. Great job!
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Jul 28, 2021 by Mike Kist
"I have been playing pool since I was about 10 years old. I have played on many types of tables in many different environments around the world. Over the years I became increasingly impressed with Diamond Pool Tables. Recently I purchased a brand new home and decided to finally purchase the table of my dreams to go along with it. I immediately decided to purchase a 9 foot Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table. The build quality, innovations, appearance and most importantly playability are simply the best in the world. There is a reason that this table has become the choice of so many professional pool players and tournament directors. The next decision was who to purchase it from. After performing extensive research and speaking with several of my contacts within the billiard community, I decided on Heath Manning of Manning Cues. It took one phone call to Heath to realize I had made the right decision. Heath took the time to answer all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. At this point Heath did not even know if I was going to become a Manning Cues customer. In addition, there was absolutely zero sales pressure to purchase the table. This was an extremely expensive purchase and I wanted to make the right decision. The entire process was seamless and was executed perfectly. Heath worked with me to place the order, he kept me informed regarding the progress of the build and ultimately provided me with the delivery and installation date. In addition, Heath worked with Diamond to actually hold my table for an additional time period as my home build was delayed. It is very clear that Heath is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service within the billiard industry. Heath even answers the phone himself! The final piece of the process was the delivery and installation. In line with my two previous decisions, this also was extremely important. You cannot consider this decision any less important than what table to purchase and who to purchase it from. Therefore, I decided to go with the Diamond Professional Delivery and Installation option. The Diamond Professional Delivery and Installation team arrived on time as scheduled at my home with my new Diamond Pro-Am pool table on Saturday, 24 July 2021. The Diamond Certified installer first outlined the entire delivery and install process to ensure that I was aware of what was going to take place. He then explained each and every step as it was completed and ensured that I was completely satisfied with the progress. This included the table placement to the final step of cleaning the table and the surrounding areas. Rick was extremely knowledgeable, professional and did a fantastic job. My Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table was installed perfectly with no issues. I would highly recommend purchasing the Diamond Professional Delivery and Installation option. THE BEST table made in the world with THE BEST installation. Go with Diamond, Heath Manning and Professional Installation all the way! There is nothing else to say!"

Advantages: TABLE:
Diamond 9 Foot Pro-Am
1. Build quality
2. Innovations
3. Appearance
4. Playability
Heath Manning / Manning Cues
1. No sales pressure
2. Extremly knowledgeable
3. Takes the time to talk
4. Ease of transaction/ordering
5. Status updates
6. On-time per schedule
7. Professional
8. Quality
9. Customer Satisfaction

Disadvantages: I cannot think of any Disadvantages. The table, the sale and the delivery/installation is Top Notch!
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Jul 10, 2021 by Matt Bauer
"Ordering through Heath Manning was a great one-stop shop! From initial conversation to complete install the process has been efficient and there has been full communication the entire way. Great customer service and standards. Final product is fantastic! "

Advantages: Great affordable price for delivery and install to take all the hard work out of the experience for me. Easy payment plan. Being in Wisconsin, this was a concern of mine, but Heath and the Diamond installers took great care of me.

Disadvantages: Delay on pool cue package and table cover is back-ordered, which is unfortunate, but expected nowadays.
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Jun 28, 2021 by Greg Vittardi
"Love the table, Great install, communication and enjoyed the complete process from start to finish. Thanks, Manning."
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Jun 26, 2021 by George Wilcox
"Great service, professional set up and love the table."

Advantages: Great action, fast felt

Disadvantages: Tight pockets for an amateur like me.
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Jun 3, 2021 by Michael Quey
"I love my new Diamond Pro-Am pool table. Heath Manning cannot be any more professional than he is. He’s honest and truly cares about your satisfaction. Heath also represents the best pool table company in North America. I ordered my table at the end of 2020 and it was delivered at the end of May. It’s beautiful !!!

I was totally impressed with the installation of my Diamond Pro-Am pool table by Manning's certified "DIAMOND" installers Paul and Stephen. I think I had one of the best install teams for my table in America. I did have an issue the day after that left. I think the tables settled a bit more and balls were curving in one corner
Call Heath Manning to let them know what was happening. Paul and Stephen happily returned a few days later and corrected the issue. Well done guys !!

If you’re ever in my area in the future, Kathy and I would love to feed y’all again.

Thanks, Heath for all the great attention and service.
I couldn’t be happier with my table or experience with this large investment."

Advantages: Timber framed
Slate leveling system.

Disadvantages: None that I see
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May 6, 2021 by Ken Donald
"I had one of the most memorable experiences in how business should be promoted and executed, from start to finish the communication and manual labor was flawless, and cannot recommend Manning Cues high enough. Installation was flawless and awesome to watch it being done also, and a pleasure to deal with these guys. Manning is the Real Deal and brings back old fashion genuine customer service. Thanks for the great experience Manning.

Thanks "

Advantages: Communication is key
Timing and attention to detail
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Apr 19, 2021 by Steve Copeland
"Lets start by saying that Heath Manning @ manning cues was spot on! He was extremely informative and on top of the whole process with very good communication. I had put my order in Dec.8th 2020 and he told me it would be mid to late April and I received it on 4-16-20. Dead on!!!! I would highly recommend Heath for your Diamond Pool table and accessory needs!!!! "

Advantages: One stop shop with Heath Manning, Very easy and straight forward. Very knowledgeable and answered all questions. Awesome!!!

Disadvantages: Diamond needs to be better organized after having to reschedule my delivery 2 times which is no fault of Heath's. Finish on 1 rail was missed in 2 spots on 1 rail...little disappointed for the amount of money you pay for a diamond pool table. Diamond took 5 months to get my table to me which is a little ridiculous and with taking that long there should not be anything missed especially the stain and finish. As far as Heath 5 stars as far as Diamond 3 stars. Great playability and construction but Diamond needs to be more thorough and better organized!!
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Mar 24, 2021 by Daniel Johns
"I am very happy with my overall experience dealing with Heath Manning at Manning Cues with the purchase of my 9-ft diamond table. Heath communicated very well, was not pushy at all and was very transparent about pricing, process etc. I was in process of construction for the room that would hold my diamond table and Heath was able to hold my table for approximately 6 months after production to allow time for my construction to be completed. I have already to l referred Heath to 3 friends who are considering purchasing a diamond. Very pleased."

Advantages: Great communication. Always easy to contact. Heath helped tremendously on picking the right table for me. Installation crew was awesome. Great guys who did a great job.

Disadvantages: The only negative comment I would have is that my pool table cover did not come with my table like it was supposed to. I understand that the covers are on backorder, but I paid for my order in full months before I had the table delivered and I just personally feel that a cover should have been set aside because it had already been purchased and paid for. It's not a huge deal, but with construction still going on and people tracking in and out at times I really wanted to have the cover to protect my table. Had my order not been paid for in full until delivery I would understand, but because I paid way in advance I feel like it should have been set aside.
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Mar 10, 2021 by ed bolger
"I ordered my 8' Diamond table in black with tournament blue 860 Simonis felt. The table was delivered and set up a few weeks early and everything went very smoothly. Heath Manning was great to work with and has earned my trust and future business! Thanks, Manning!"

Advantages: n/a

Disadvantages: n/a
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Mar 1, 2021 by Robert Horvath
"I’m very pleased with my new diamond pro am 8 foot table it plays perfectly, it was a pleasure dealing with health manning he was very knowledgeable I never felt any pressure, the table was delivered and set up about one month earlier than expected and my installation was perfect, anyone looking for a great table , I highly recommend manning cues "

Advantages: Great table, personal service

Disadvantages: None
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Feb 17, 2021 by Valerie Laudolff
"I’m very happy with my order and the installation I received. The table looks amazing and plays very well! I would recommend Manning Cues to anyone who is interested in purchasing a great table with great customer service! Thank you so much for all you did for me!
I’m still waiting on my 4 McDermott cue sticks but Heathe has assured me that they were ordered the end of December and are delayed due to COVID as these cues are made overseas. Can’t wait to receive them to make my order complete!"
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Feb 4, 2021 by Doug Patton
"I love my Diamond Pro-am! It’s a great quality product that I would recommend to anybody wanting a table with exceptional playability. My buying experience with Manning was relaxing with no pressure and Mr. Manning made sure everything was perfect. The install was completed by a professional team of installers with the experience to have my table playing perfectly. Thanks, Manning."
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Feb 3, 2021 by John West
"I had not played on a Diamond until I owned one and it is AWESOME! The ball rolls true, the cushions are perfect and the table is fast. The only thing better was the service I received from Mr. Manning. My table was delivered with a slight cosmetic flaw and Heath went above and beyond at his own expense to have it fixed. I can't thank him enough."

Advantages: Diamond makes great equipment and Heath Manning delivers fantastic customer service. Together they are an unbeatable combination. I will be a Manning Cues customer for life.

Disadvantages: Absolutely none.
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Jan 22, 2021 by Robert Horvath
"Heath Manning is a class act he was very knowledgeable and it was a pleasure doing business manning cues and diamond pool table I highly recommend manning cues "

Advantages: The table plays perfectly the installation was very professional and they were a month ahead of schedule I’m very pleased

Disadvantages: None
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Jan 18, 2021 by David Carter
"Diamond pool tables are engineered to perfection and when combined with Manning's customer service and expertise you'll be happy. Diamond has thought and planned out every part of the table from top to bottom. I love my table and am excited to own one. I’m sure I will have it forever. Thanks Manning"

Disadvantages: None
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Jan 6, 2021 by Michael F.
"Excellent table and exceptional customer service and communication throughout the process with Mr. Manning directly. It was a great transaction and I love my table. Thank you, Manning!"
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Dec 30, 2020 by Tony Dalmado
"Well what else is there to say but simply the best experience I could've asked for. From the beginning Heath was upfront with everything from pricing, to scheduling, and never once pressured me into buying anything. The table was supposed to leave production by the end of January and showed up before Christmas. Needless to say we were very pleased. 10/10 would recommend."

Advantages: Don't cheap out and try to get a local mechanic or someone from your pool hall who has done it before. Let the professionals do it. Quick and painless and the table plays absolutely perfectly.
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Dec 23, 2020 by William Faulkner
"Best tables in the business! They’re beautiful and play great! Heath Manning at Manningcues.com is very professional, knowledgeable and was extremely helpful during the ordering process!"

Advantages: Best tables, best service and good people!

Disadvantages: None!
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Dec 16, 2020 by Demauriae Hopson
"I purchased a Diamond Pro-Am 9 foot pool table w/ 1 piece slate after owning a mid-level production table. A comparison would not be fair to the Diamond. It is world class in every way; from ordering, delivery & set up to the fit and finish; you will own the best pool table made. I had several friends at my house for the delivery; one friend, who is a carpenter, was impressed with the materials used to construct the table. While I could write an essay discussing the playability, Diamond pool tables are the best. Just save up and get one. Buy once, hurt once.

I chose to purchase my table from Health (Manning) after receiving several recommendations from people in the Dallas area. I also read several Facebook post from people who dealt with many different retailers. Everyone who ordered from Health spoke about his professionalism and personal engagement during their entire process. I can say their representation of Health’s customer service and product knowledge was accurate. Health was a model of what exceptional customer service should be when ordering your dream Diamond Pool Table. BTW, he is just a nice person; you can really feel that he wants you to have the best experience possible.

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Dec 16, 2020 by Ivy Brown
"I had the pleasure of dealing with Heath last year when I ordered my diamond pool table. I am a bit late on leaving this review as it’s been a crazy year, but wanted to give my honest opinion at how amazing he was throughout the entire process. I placed my order with Heath in October 2019 and was expecting my table in April 2020. Due to Covid a lot of businesses were shut down and in turn it delayed my delivery date. I was extremely impressed with how Heath kept me updated regarding the status of the table and when I may receive it. He delivered on his promise and got my pool table installed on my birthday, what a gift, am I right? He was extremely professional to deal with and I would highly recommend him if you are in the market to get any pool tables or accessories, his product knowledge and customer service is top notch. "
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Nov 19, 2020 by Dan Rusnak
"I have just received my Diamond Pro-Am 9’ table and let me tell you it is AWESOME and that may be an understatement. Heath Manning is the man he is by far the best customer service person you could ask for. Heath kept me up to date with everything and was always there to answer any questions I may have had. I couldn’t ask for better installers, they were awesome, very knowledgeable and helpful with all the questions I asked. Thanks again Heath you have a customer for life."

Advantages: Ball return
Leaving system

Disadvantages: None
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Nov 17, 2020 by Stephen Jones
"I was looking for a modern, clean looking pool table, and the Diamond Pro AM Table was one of the few out there - the Dymalux Rosewood looks beautiful. The ProAm is extremely sturdy and dent/scratch resistant, as we have already had a few balls dropped on it. The table plays great and having the ball return is really nice. Working with Heath was a pleasure! He was friendly to talk to and not pushy at all. Heath explained all of the options, what to expect in terms of a payment schedule and delivery date, and what would be needed on delivery day. The schedule of table was a little iffy due to Covid, but Heath kept me updated of the status of each piece of my order. The table was, happily, delivered early, and I suspect Heath helped to push my order of the free cue package through sooner ( I didn’t own my own cues, and they were scheduled for delivery a month after the table, but they magically appeared two days before the table did ). All and all, working with Heath was a real pleasure, and the table itself is awesome!"

Advantages: Looks Great
Ball return
Plays great

Disadvantages: none
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Nov 16, 2020 by Brian Bowman
"My new Pro-Am table is beautiful and plays fantastic! I'm very happy with my experience with Manning and his attention to detail. I highly recommend Manning if you're making this large investment. "

Advantages: I get to practice and improve my game on the same great equipment used at many of the big tournaments.

Disadvantages: With everything being brand new the balls tend to slide/skid a lot.
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Nov 12, 2020 by Bryan Pinkley
"We could not be happier with this table provided by Manning. We are so happy with how it came out and the communication. With all the different customizing options, we were able to make the perfect one for our home. And the way it plays? Absolutely perfect! Diamond tables are by far superior to any other table out there! If you’re going to put a table in your home, do yourself a favor and get the BEST. Get a DIAMOND from Manning!

Manning's installers were very professional and easy to work with. They contacted me the day before and the morning of my delivery to confirm a time that was best for me. These guys really know what they're doing. They were in and out in two hours with my 1-piece slate table. They made sure the table was perfectly level and exactly placed where we wanted it. They made sure we were 100% happy with the outcome before they left."

Advantages: Being able to completely customize so many different options to make the perfect table for our home.

Disadvantages: Not getting much work done around the house. The table plays so good that you don’t want to stop.
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